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    The very concept of "authority" is an illusion. No one owns you and no one owns me. I own me, you own you! The mere existence of government is an affront to freedom, it is in and of itself violence and oppression. Free your mind and realize who you are and that self ownership is the only ownership, you are a sovereign divine creation. Connected to everything and everyone, yet independent still. I choose nonaggression in principle, but have signed no social contract and I do NOT recognize laws made by man. How dumb do you have to be to perpetuate a system where you "choose" people to lord over you and steal your livelihood and life-force. We all have a choice to make, die a slave or end the enslavement. BE MAD!
    Flyn Robert Cormac -Sept 2021-

  • Freedom Is

    Politics is a distraction, all part of the circus to keep you from living in truth. When you awaken to the real world and things of the Father, trifling matters like a President or Senator or any government at all no longer hold influence in your life. True freedom is yours and yours alone, it can’t be taken and you can’t give it away. You are as free as you choose. Simply Freedom Is!

    #TruEarthTruMan #FreedomIsAMandman

  • New Life

    We are watching the birth of a new world, all the hate and anger and turmoil are the attempts to scratch and claw, grasping for life as the old world draws its final breaths. The proverbial separating of the wheat and the tares. Though it is not now nor will be in the end a beautiful thing to see, it is necessary. True justice will be seen. This old age of secrets, lies, half truths and twisted words must be eradicated like the plague that it is. BE MAD BE FREE BE ALIVE!
    Flyn Robert Cormac -Aug 2021-


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