Uniting man with the true nature of self and this realm we call Earth. Building toward a future of freedom, outside of the decaying failed culture of nihilistic materialism that has perverted the dream we call, “The American Way”. To loose the bonds of our fellow travelers along the way. We will approach everything from a perspective of freedom and free thought, cutting through the controls placed on us by government, politics, religion and so called education. Bringing our fellow man to the knowledge that we are divine, sovereign creatures! Exposing the lies of those that seek to enslave you and why it matters to who and what you are! Who are we? Where do we live? God? Science? Government, politics and more….Join us on the journey!

If the cost of saving the world is the liberty of even ONE man, let the world dissolve to ash!






Its amazing how Father can move things around on us in spite of our best laid plans! Look out TEXAS here we come!


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